One of the most important parts of buying & selling a home, is having a good solicitor. My advice is that you need a solicitor that is professional, experienced, knowledgeable, ideally local, effective, approachable and communicative.

Unfortunately, over the years I have heard all variety of comments from my clients, about how frustrated they are with their solicitors. The main issue is normally the length of time it takes, and the 'perceived' inefficiency of the solicitor to be at all 'pro-active,' or motivated enough to 'get the job done.'

In my opinion, you get what you pay for and some solicitors take on too much workload to be as effective as we expect them to be. The number of clients they take on, directly affects their ability to provide any immediacy to their cases.

Another major complaint is that there isn't enough communication provided. Past clients have told me that after three weeks from instructing their solicitor to proceed, they 'haven't heard a thing!' This can be very frustrating, especially if you are involved in a very small chain, and therefore are hoping to move quickly.

Having dealt with solicitors in the Portsmouth and surrounding Hampshire areas for the last 16 years, I have dealt with many solicitors. If you would like some advice, please do not hesitate to contact me.